Summer Splash Itinerary

2 Days in Medicine Hat


Day One

9:30am  Check out Lela's Place on Aberdeen Street for a diner style breakfast!


10:30am  Go see the World’s Largest Teepee - It’s over 20 stories high!


11:00am  Stop at the Inspire Cafe Downtown and get some fresh made sandwiches to go. 


11:30am  Pack your bathing suits and beach toys, take your picnic lunch and head out to Echodale Park for an afternoon of family fun!


5:00pm  Try the Sweet & Sour Soup at Asia Garden Restaurant - There's also a Chinese food buffet and Mongolian Style Grill, where you can custom order your meal!


7:00pm If you’re not completely exhausted enjoy some country dancing at Ralph’s Texas Bar & Steakhouse (kids are allowed until 9:00pm!)


Day Two

10:00am  Breakfast can be enjoyed right at your hotel


11:00am Put on your bathing suits again and visit one of the Free Outdoor Waterparks


12:00pm  Check out the nearby Clubhouse at Paradise Valley for lunch - Make sure you get a table near the windows and enjoy the golf course coulee view.


1:00pm  Head to Echodale to meet the farm animals and see the historical buildings. Enjoy some marshmallows roasted over the fire pits.


6:00pm  Unwind on the beautiful patio at Local, a downtown restaurant and pub. - The Gyoza are awesome, don’t forget to try them as an appetizer!