Medicine Hat Breweries

We love local beer!

Medicine Hat's local beer scene is just getting started with two great new breweries, Hell's Basement Brewery and Medicine Hat Brewing Company.  With brews such as All Hops for a Basement IPA and Sin Bin Pale Ale you know there's a story worth checking out. It's timeless crafted beer with style!  Here's some brief info on our breweries (check our their websites for more!):


In 1912, the Medicine Hat Brewing Company began serving old fashioned lager, ale and stout to our city’s early, thirsty residents. When the Temperance Movement picked up, this popular brewery - One of Medicine Hat’s first - was forced to close.  But you can’t keep a good thing down. Over a century later, the Medicine Hat Brewing Company name has been dusted off and again serves thirsty, hard-working Hatters Timeless Craft Beer.  We promise our beer is as delicious as ever.


Six courageous beer lovers from Medicine Hat along with their families, friends, and countless members of the community worked tirelessly for six months to bring quality, craft beer to Medicine Hat.  We take pride in our community, and we've worked with a variety of local businesses, tradespeople and artists to make our dream a reality. We're excited to let you know that we're now open for business. We can't wait for you to come in and taste what we've created!


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